Apartment Therapy
These first three Swallow, Heart, and Plaid Flower bandanas are all hand-printed by Box & Flea. They have many other lovely examples in blue, black, red, and green.

K.I.D. Collective
...a fresh take on the standard bandanna and tote, each crafted in small runs in the Brooklyn Pencil Factory.

Dapper Scout
...the focus is on quality and a level of design detail that’s artisanal in its realization.

Daily Candy
Brooklyn-based duo hand-makes super-cool bandanas that’ll last forever.

...this is technically wearable art.

Brooklyn Based
...a unique riff on the recent scarf trend, and a reminder that style can be simple and still make a huge impact.

The Modern Materialist
Bandana Banditos. Girls like bad boys...

Cool Hunting
A pitch-perfect melding of the neo-hippie look with a biker staple...

Refinery 29
Brooklyn Design Duo Box & Flea Gets You the "Worn In" Look Without the Wearing...

Odette New York
a perfectly knotted scarf...

Pia Jane Bijkerk
i love box & flea bandanas…

Smith + Butler
a collaborative design project between Jeremy of Tacklebox and Andrew of Fleaheart.

Le Train Bleu
I love a brown parcel wrapped in twine...

NY Pix 11 Morning News
Easy but glam fashion that fits everyone.

Daily Candy
Boys with babies will drool over Box & Flea's bandannas...

The Shiny Squirrel
Thank you Odette for introducing me to Box & Flea.