Box & Flea is a collaborative design project between Jeremy Barbour of TACKLEBOX and Andrew Woodrum of FLEAHEART.

Our work is defined by the pursuit of craft and a sense of timelessness through the production of extraordinary wares suited for the everyday. Each design is crafted in small batches in our production studio located in the Brooklyn Pencil Factory.

Andrew and Jeremy met while studying Architecture at Virginia Tech and have collaborated off and on for the past ten years. Originally from Southwest Virginia, they both grew up among the mountains and farms of these naturally beautiful but hardworking communities. Putting up hay, pounding nails, and working on old cars instilled an appreciation for the worn-in timeless qualities found in particularly irreplaceable objects; how a tool pouch or bandana gets better over time and begins to take on the characteristics and the personality of the person who has used it for years. It is the pursuit of crafting these cherished items that serves as the foundation for the designs of Box & Flea.

This past fall the duo began collaborating on a set of collages that developed into a custom canvas tote intended for personal use. The overwhelming interest in this piece led them to develop the collages as a series, which then expanded to different bag types and bandana designs. This outlet for two architect's surplus creativity had grown organically into a small accessory line with attention to the details and a love of making at its core.

Everything Box & Flea makes is produced by hand in small batches, with most of the work being done locally in their production studio in the “Pencil Factory,” in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Box & Flea wares are available in stores that share a similar design philosophy and who have an appreciation for craft that is evident in the products they curate and in the design of the stores themselves.

Everyone has a favorite bag, a wallet or bandana that they have had for years, and which just gets better as it wears over time. Box & Flea's goal is to make a product that will become someone’s favorite, and which they’ll treasure for years to come.


For wholesale inquiries or general questions please email us at:
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Showroom & Studio

109 South 5th St., #201
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Production Studio
61 Greenpoint Ave., #404A
Brooklyn, NY 11222